Saturday, September 6, 2008

The piggy that had roast beef....

*probaby not a post for the weak stomached*

So, I'm really hard on my toes... not THAT hard, but they always seem to be in my way. Last week I got my middle toe (piggy that had roast beef) caught in hubby's little shop and managed to tear it up pretty bad. So of course now that this toe is sore, I have managed to hit it everywhere. It's like it sticks out a foot (no pun intended) farther than my other toes and just catches everything. I got a pedicure last week, trying to dress pig up a little bit, but I forgot about it when the girl went to remove my old polish. Yeah, my head nearly hit the ceiling. So last night I'm getting ready for bed and I stumbled. I'm not graceful, this isn't unusual but of course, I hit my toe again. I go to take my final peepee before bed and I'm sitting there putting some lotion on and all and I notice my foot is wet. My toe had bled a great big puddle on my bathroom floor! And it was still going at it!!! I honestly didn't think I was going to get it to stop. I finally stood up and propped my foot on the toilet so it would just drip in there because it was just making a mess. It was like my toe was attached to a main artery. I think I would've lost less blood had I just cut my toe off. I finally got it down to a dribble and went to bed with a band-aid on it. Geesh.

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Knitty Geek said...

Be more careful or I'll send Eddie over to nurse you! Bwa-ha-ha!