Friday, September 12, 2008

Fat Lip Friday

So this morning I woke up feeling a little funny. Not bad, but funny. The first thing out of John's mouth was: OMG, you look like Stifler's Mom!!
Yup, big fat lips. How did that happen? I look like I had botox and it went horribly wrong. I figured it was a great excuse to call in sick. I could be having a major allergic reaction (besides I have so much to do today)! So I've settled in with my benedryl to see what happens.

4 hours later my lips have gone down significantly so I feel like I can go to the grocery store without signing any autographs. Hopefully I won't run into anything with them or accidently step on them (ouch!)

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FarFromFrostburg said...

Hey Stifler's mom. Since it's already Sunday here, I thought I'd say Happy Birthday. :)

Of course, you know you'll be getting your presents when everyone else does... months late and in conjunction with my next visit home. Hope you enjoy your day (and that your swelling went down!).