Thursday, May 7, 2009

love the cell phone pics

I love taking random pictures with my cell phone, here's this weeks installment!

A tiny turtle I found by the pond. He was a frisky little guy too, just a little bitter than a quarter.

The yummy taco salad I fixed for pre cinco de mayo. I had to work late on the 5th so we celebrated early.

The last new appliance, my oven! Installed last tuesday. Ain't she pretty?

Molly on top of the door. She has the little kitty syndrome where she always has to be as high up as possible.

Killian, the night she discovered the pond. Prior to this it had just been Daisy that went swimming, but now I have 2 dirty dogs on my hands.

Daisy, who apparently was cold last night because she figured out a way to wrap herself up in this blanket.