Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding don't....

I still don't have my blogging mojo (did I tell you I'm moving?), but I wanted to share this with you. So I found this while cleaning out the cabinet over my fridge. Nobody ever goes in that cabinet, which is why I suppose this wound up there. I actually came across several of these, but this one really caught my attention.

(sorry it's sideways, I'm too lazy to wait for blogger to upload it again)

Why you ask? Well, because I don't know who Ashley and Chris are. Apparently 2 people in my home went to their wedding 6 years ago, but for the life of me I don't remember it. This lovely set of 2 glasses is about to hit the trash, because really... who wants a set of wine glasses with someone else's name on them? So, next time, spring for the prime rib or open bar and maybe I'll remember you, the engraved glasses however are a waste of money. Happy Monday all!