Wednesday, September 30, 2009

still alive!

I know, it's been months! I'm going to try very hard to get back into the habit of blogging somewhat regularly. I guess I'll welcome myself back by looking through my phone and seeing what kind of randomness there is.

Thrashers on the Ocean City boardwalk, one of my favorite places in the world! Hubby and I got the hankerin for some fries one (Monday!) night and decided to make a little treck down to the ocean and have some vinegary goodness!

I have totally lost my crafting mojo. I feel it coming back with fall approaching. Maybe some candles, and with living out in the country now, I have lots of acorns and pinecones falling from my trees that I would love to find something cool to do with. John has been building away though! Look at these great tables he's been building (and selling the heck out of!)! I'll be sure to get some pictures of them after they're painted. I'm totally in love with them, and they fold flat for storage. Super convenient!

A random car I spotted at Target parking lot. Now THAT'S confidence!

I celebrated my 30th birthday in September. Here's the cooler I was stocking for the big celebration.

I think it's an obligation to include a few cat pictures with every blog, so here's my fat orange man curling up in bed with me.

Starsky who really thinks he can fit in this basket, but it appears to be a little tight for him. Doesn't stop him from trying though!

A little lady thinking she's going to toast John's pillow in time for him to join her in dreamland.