Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday monday monday...

So, it's Monday. Truth be told, I had an enormously rough week last week. Hubby wanted to have friends over for a bbq yesterday. Somewhere between 3 cases of beer and 60 pounds of ice I've done did something to my back. I'm still functional, just not bending down.
Oh, and it hurts to breathe... and my limbs keep going numb. Maybe that's a nerve thing? I don't know, Aleve and I are going to work it out for a few days and if it keeps up, it'll be time for some acupuncture.
So at 5pm yesterday, when people should be arriving for our bbq, we had gale force winds and funnel clouds were spotted locally. Grrr... at least picnic food is cheap. The stuff that can't be frozen anyway.

So enough about my whining. Here's the goods from the weekend. Well, what I took pictures of. From top left: clorox jug, rolling rock bottle, milk glass jar, large blue ball jar, medium blue ball jar, white milk glass then 2 more ball jars.

See a pattern?

I've been seeing all these lovely things on blogs about the blue mason jars. Not to brag but really they're everywhere around here at yard sales. I'm seriously kicking myself now after doing a bit of research though. I paid 50 cents a piece for every thing you see in my sink. They had cases of the blue mason jars but I didn't want to hoard. Truth be told, I honestly thought 50 cents a piece was a bit high. So I got one of each size that they had and moved on. Of course these suckers are selling for $7-8 a piece. Can't win them all I guess.

So I plan to do a little candle scape with them. Maybe some stones around them and such. You know, old jars are all the rage at pottery barn. I saw on one blog though that the blue mason jars could explode and be DEADLY when candles are put in them. Seriously? You know how hot they get when you pressure cook them to seal the lids? I think I my compromise though and buy some LED candles for them.

The brown jug goes with my laundry cuteness plan. It's really an old clorox jug, and since it does have a cap, how cute would it be to actually pour my bleach in there? I don't use a ton of it anyway, but I'm saying it's cute and useful.