Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend project

Know what this is?

How about now?
Yeah, aside from hubby's hand and knees, it's my lounger!!! It's looking fan-freakin-tastic too! John's trying to figure out now the whole hinging thing. We've been disappointed with the lack of hardware available in stainless so we're going to have to engineer something to make the back hinge properly. We actually made this out of the cheapest wood you can buy, but it is just beautiful, it's made out of crappy old pine, I'm impressed with how gorgeous it is though. I got some sealer and a sprayer so I can seal it up when it's done (since this one with all it's imperfections will be ours). So probably shortly we will be putting some legs and wheels on it (little bulky to just pick up) and then we'll get to putting together some chairs! wa-hoo.

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