Tuesday, August 19, 2008

boys and their toys...

So John got himself a couple new toys this weekend courtesy of our friend craig. He got a planer, which we haven't had too much time to play with, there's some surface rust on it that's keeping us from moving it up and down a whole lot. Nothing a little (lot!) PBblaster can't solve though. So we're soaking it and cranking on it and making progress little by little. John's new bff though is a Grizzly shaper. I think it's basically a juiced up router made into a table. Hubby is just tore the hell up with this thing. Last night he made a dado joint with it and you would have thought he had given birth. Just think of all we can do with *this*. So now he has a plan for our mutual dislike of the bistro table. We shall see.

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