Friday, August 15, 2008

random thoughts...

So we've had a few things going on with our little furniture sidehustle.

- We've been invited to set up at the first open air market in Preston. I think this will be a really cool setting for us, I'm thinking it will be really slow at first but I'd love to be there from the very beginning, and I'd love to think that it would be as busy as the Easton farmers market someday.

-There were lots of tools on craigslist that we wanted. John mainly wants a planer and jointer at this point. Well, we found one guy with a planer, and one with a jointer and a bunch of other woodworking tools. So, I'm lined up to get the planer tomorrow. The guy with all the other tools, I've been emailing him all week trying to get a deal worked out on the whole package. Well damn if he didn't sell the jointer out from underneath me. Bastard. I emailed him this morning and told him to kiss off.

-So now we're trying to decide what we want to have done for the open air market. It will probably be either the last weekend in August or the first in September so we've got a couple weeks to get stuff together. So I'm thinking I'd like to build another cypress chair and foot rests so we have a full set of those. One set of adirondack chairs out of cedar. Maybe 2 sets out of pressure treated pine. If John gets those cut out this weekend, we can definately get them together by next weekend. We've gotten the chairs down to a pretty short process.

We've taken apart and rebuilt the bistro set about 5 times. I think we've finally got a chair that we're both happy with, but John still isn't happy with the table. I'm thinking I'm going to let him look at that for a few more weeks to decide what needs to be done with it. I'll take some pics this weekend of the new improved chair and the table so you can make suggestions.

He's happy with the dock box, so if everything goes well with the chairs, I'll probably get him to build one of those to take to the market. I hate to do any more than that because the hardware alone in one of those is close to $100. We might be stealing the hardware off the one we have for a new one.

John's anxious to get started on a lounger. I drew some rough plans earlier this week so he could get an idea of how much lumber and what hardware he would need to make my drawing a reality. He's going to make this one from clear pine since that's the cheapest wood you can get and then we can always put preservative on it if we decide to keep it for our personal collection. We have seemed to wind up with the mongrels of everything, but that's okay!

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Knitty Geek said...

Dang - you guys are going to be able to retire early and open your own furniture business. Awesome! It's like knowing Johnny Janosik before he became "famous" (that would be Delmarva fame, don't ya know).