Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more cute cardis...

I just love cardi season!!! Look at some of the special treats that aero has on sale! I'm not too old for aero am I?

Love the multi colored argyle! With a white oxford, or a purple cami... too precious

Look at this swing! Also comes in ivory... love the chunky cable

OMG! it has an *A* on it... who do I know who's name starts with an A There's just something about this owl. I would totally try to pull it off for some reason though. It has like an elementary school alure of having an animal on your clothes.

3 equal yet different opinions:

Lori said...

I would totally wear the owl one. Some things are too cute to put an age limit on!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

There's no age limit on sweaters, especially when they're that cute!

Check out Old Navy too. They had some really nice sweaters and I don't usually love Old Navy. I was shopping for school clothes for the kids and my eyes kept wandering to the women's section.

La Woodstock said...

that owl is simply adorable!!