Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good idea for a good cause... I hope!

Hubby and I just got done planing about 120' of cedar boards. Hard work, quite rewarding though. Board goes in ugly, comes out very pretty. Produces an awful lot of cedar shavings though. So as we're watching Mt. Cedar pile up at John's feet, we're both thinking: gosh, what a waste! What can we do with this? I would make pillows for my doggies, but Daisy would chew them to shreds and then I'd be cleaning cedar shavings from my house. You know who I bet would appreciate some cedar pillows though? My favorite cause ever, the Humane Society! So I'm thinking, I'll bust out the old sewing machine which has a new home in my dining room and the next time the Knit Geek and I go to the goodwill, I'll get a couple old sheets, or pillowcases if they have them and try to hook up some homeless doggies with a nice smelling bed to sleep on. Think it'll be appreciated?

I haven't forgotten that I've been tagged Karen, you know I'm bad at those things, I'll get right on it ;o)

2 equal yet different opinions:

Knitty Geek said...

I have some heavy cotton fabric leftover from some other projects. How about I stitch up some pillows for you? I'll leave a hole for filling and you can whip stitch them closed. Just tell me how big you want them.

Laura said...

you rock! I was just going to do some random sizes... for random sized dogs. ;o)