Friday, August 8, 2008

Hubby's newest build

We got sidlined last weekend into building a few chairs for a (paying!!) buyer. So exciting! We delivered them to a be-uuuu-tiful home right on the bay and the chairs have a lovely view of the gas docks in Annapolis. They also have a large St. Bernard to hang out with them so I'm sure they are quite happy with their new home.

John has been wanting to build a 'dock box' for his next project. It's a narrow box that would go on the end of your dock to keep lines, life jackets, that sort of thing in. I quite like it. It turned out looking frighteningly like a casket and hubby realized that he needed to rethink the handles to make it look a little less like a casket (double decker!). So with Karen's ingenuity this is what we came up with. I really am digging the chain handles, they fit in with the nautical theme without being morbid.

1 equal yet different opinions:

amber {daisy chain} said...

your husband makes some gorgeous garden furniture! he's a keeper.