Friday, August 1, 2008

Veggie wars!!!

It's on now!!!

Several days ago I introduced you to my little mini beefsteak tomato that had been gifted to me by another branch. As a thank you gift, I sent her the biggest friggin zuchinni I could find from a friends garden. She said it measured at 13". Didn't measure the girth. So today when this:

found it's way to my desk, I assumed it was back from her. Nope, entirely different zuchinni from an entirely different branch. Look at the sweet love letter attached:

I hope I don't really look like that. I need to raid gardens this weekend though looking for some odditiys. If you have a 2 foot string bean hiding somewhere, or perhaps a penis shaped pepper, please let me know and I will pay top dollar (not!) for it. Revenge will be had!

1 equal yet different opinions:

Average Girl In Average World said...

I can get you some HUGE zucchini's if you'd like...