Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show and tell!!

Lots of pictures tonight kids. First let me present to you hubby's newest build. This is just like the adirondack chairs he's been building, but much more expensive. This is made out of cypress and I think John loves it more than he loves me. It is gawgeous! Such a pretty pale wood. I'm not sure that anyone is going to be willing to put into these chairs what they cost us to make them, but I guess we'll find out.

About 10 minutes ago he and Brenan called Sam and I outside to check out what was over our otherwise crummy neighborhood. Such a pretty full rainbow. So rare that you get to see the full arch. If blogger didn't take so damn long to upload pictures, I would give you more.

Finally, the least seen member of my family. Beauford the bullfrog who lives in my little pond. He is way too big for it but he makes me wonder how bad our mosquito problem would be if it wasn't for his fat ass eating so much.

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