Friday, August 22, 2008

reading update...

It seems like I don't have time to even turn around in the summertime, I just pack so much into my schedule because I want summer to be like it was when I was a kid, it lasted for.ever. I totally seem to devour books this time of year though. I do usually tend to pick lighter reads in the summer. Ones I can put down and pick up, not ones I MUST finish. So here goes:

More than you know: I was so surprised when I realized this was actually a ghost story. I thought about putting it down because I'm just not into supernatural crap, but I was pleasantly surprised to finish this book and it was quite decent. It was a seaside book which again I seem to like in the summer and had a nice coming of age plot (actually 2 plots). Switches back and forth nicely between the plots. Sometimes I get a little nervous when books try to go back and forth between 2 time periods, it's just confusing.

The Highest Tide: Possibly my favorite book of the summer. Cute, light read. Makes you totally cheer the underdog, which in this case is a 14 yr old boy who spends his summer wading in the river near his house and makes some unusual discoveries. You want to cringe with him as he becomes an instant celebrity.

Between the Tides: again with the water plot. This was a light, pleasant read. I did cry through a few pages of it (even though I rarely cry over books). If you know me, and you read this, you'll know where I cried. Basically about a 30 yr old woman who's father asks her to spread his ashes (after he dies of course!) in their hometown. She goes back and finds out all kinds of goodies about her past. Fairly predictable.

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