Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sometimes you're better off not knowing...

So, those who know me, know I am not well. Well, probably in more ways than one, but physically I have issues. So, anywho, I had my bi-monthly doctors appt last week and got my bloodwork done and I even got to pee in a cup (special surprise my doctor said!). So as I'm waiting at the lab to get my stuff done the new phlebotomist* asks me if I want a copy of the results. Well, I've never had a copy of the results, so sure, why not??? Yeah... so now I'm sitting here googling everything that was highlighted on the test results as being 'abnormal'. Nice. I wish I had some past results to compare to. Doc said last times were really bad, well, I want to know how bad they were now. Ugh... if I hadn't gotten the results, I just wouldn't care until the next appt.

*My old phlebotomist (Jeannie) just left and it's been devastating for me. We were buddies, I felt like I worked there part time. When you have blood work done constantly, you build a relationship with the person puncturing you. I have finally found my replacement in this new girl though, one stick, no poking, she had plenty of personality.

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