Monday, August 4, 2008

It's rare....

but sometimes I cook. I want to share with you my favorite sandwich. This is super easy to make and this is the perfect time of year to whip one up. This is the major budget version.

I start with a pan, one that has a lid is preferred. Drop some EVOO in there and I set my stove on like 3-4. Then I slice some bread, ciabatta bread is preferred, but since that's quite expensive in the store, like $4 for a small loaf, I buy the huge thing of italian bread because they're like 3 for $4 and it's huge. Make sure the bread gets plenty of EVOO on it when you put it in the pan, I kinda wipe it around so it browns nice and doesn't stick.

Pop the lid on and slice some mozz. The best would be the round buffalo mozz, but that's like again, $4 for a little ball. The polly-o would be second best, not the string cheese kind but the square soft feeling block. Third choice is what I'm using this time which is just a plain ol block of mozz. I'm using this for this sandwich both because it's the cheapest, and because that's all my local Food Lion had.
Here it is, hangin out in my pan:

Put a thick layer of mozz on your bread as soon as you finish cutting it and replace the lid. Now I slice up my tomato with my special tomato knife from pampered chef. This is the best knife ever! It totally keeps your tomatoes from making a mess, it's also good for slicing through this bread when you're all done because it's slightly serated. Slap a thick layer of tomato on top and if you're feeling really cheesy like I was today, put another layer of cheese on there. With this, you can put some fresh basil somewhere in there which is awesome if you have a green thumb and a pretty basil plant growing in your kitchen window. I do not. I get some italian mrs. dash and sprinkle a little on the top. Let this cook for a few more minutes with the lid on, you want the cheese to get nice and soft but not so melty that it slides off the bread. Top with the second slice and you have a beautiful tasty sandwich. I would not recommend trying to flip this sandwich in the pan, it's not going to work for you.
Beautiful sammich... just waiting...
Look how juicy that tomato is... just delish!

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