Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just like every other family in our age group...

We bought a Wii. I refused to pay the internet price, so when I saw that WalMart has them for $250, I decided after we sold some furniture from my parents house, we would buy one. No waiting in line, video games are so not my thing so I wasn't going overboard on this stuff. We went to WalMart Saturday, no Wii's, they would be getting them in at midnight. I called the next morning, all gone. I called randomally yesterday, and they had some. What are the odds of any still being there by the time I get off work and get over there? Actually pretty good it turns out, there were 2 more left after I bought mine. I really enjoyed the games that came with it. I don't have the hang of the tennis yet, the golf was fun and the bowling was fun. I've heard that the power bowling rocks so I will be trying that this evening. I don't have any pictures of us playing with the Wii... sorry.

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