Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday night Wal-Mart Extravaganza!

So, went to walmart last night, try not to go too often because it's hard to budget a trip to walmart, especially when hubby is along. So hubby is going to start trying to pack his lunch because the guy that works for him does, I give this 2 days. So I was the good little wifey yesterday, made him some jello (he wanted jello) and cake (yup, craving cake too). That conversation went something like this:

Hubby: I'm hungry... I want cake
Me: We have food, we have candy... what do you want?
Hubby: Cake!
Me: *walk to the kitchen, clank clank clank for about 15 minutes*
Hubby: What are you doing?
Me: making a cake.
Hubby: nuh-uh, really?
Me: you said you wanted a cake, I'm making a cake...
Hubby:You didn't need to make a cake.
Me: well, there's no icing, so plain funfetti cake will have to do
Hubby: I told you from the start all I wanted was cake icing!!!!! I don't care about the cake, give me frosting!!!
Me: go to the store and get some fucking frosting then!
Hubby: *pout*

So you can see how a nice deed in my house can escalate into an ugly ordeal. So, this morning I packed hubbys lunch and I can only imagine all the things he's going to find wrong with it. I had it all neat in his little cooler when he got out of the shower and next thing I know he has it all back apart and is moving stuff and grabbing more stuff out of the fridge. This is why he says eating out is cheaper, his lunch contains:

1 - 52oz. bubba keg of Laura's super sweet tea
2 - slices of rye bread
1 - container of lunch meat (honey ham, pepperoni, swiss cheese)
1 - container of orange jello (store brand actually)
1 - apple
1 - orange
1 - tangelo
1 - pearsauce
1 - package of butterscotch crimpets
1 - package of kandy cakes
1 - baggie of trail mix
1 - can of cashews
1 - piece of funfetti cake (with icing thankyouverymuch, made it with crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk and it was freakin awesome)

I have noticed on my past few trips to walmart though, that our thinking is going more 'green'. It's all about the baby steps. Our standard light bulbs have been replaced by the compact florescent, if only they made them dimmable. We've been more concerned with the packaging of things and we've been trying to buy things that are more reusable rather than just use and toss (ie. paper towels, ziploc bags).

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