Friday, April 11, 2008

There is no cure for a cold but....

We can trace that this dude died because the person who he got his donated liver from was infected with a virus from a specific hampster at petsmart. I feel like I need to draw a pie chart or something to go along with this, some sort of visual picture. Here goes: person A goes to Petsmart and buys a hampster. Person A later dies of a stroke having nothing to do with said hampster. Person A donates organs including a liver which goes to Person B. Obviously if Person B is receiving a liver transplant from someone, he's no spring chicken and it's quite possible that he has had his share of alcoholic beverages in his life, not judgin, just sayin.

Back to the story. Person B becomes extremely ill from the liver and they trace it back to determine that it is because of this poor little hampster that was sold to Person A. Now, money talks, it would certainly make sense to sue Person A in this case, she's the one with the hampster fetish, right? Oh wait, she's dead! Maybe it wouldn't be nice to sue the dead person who donated their freakin liver to you anyway! Person A didn't have to give you her liver!

Anywho, you ain't getting much from the dead person, so maybe you should sue the hampster, take his wheel or something... maybe those cedar shavings in his cage are worth some money. Oh no! We aren't suing Person A or the hampster because they don't have enough money for Widow B. Let's sue the huge corporation in the middle of this clusterfuck. I'm sure they have some money that they want to just toss around. Look how much money they just throw away each year! I understand that they are a big business and they are out for profit, but I'm sure you could find a way to sue the oil companys instead... Maybe Mr. Hampster got his disease from riding in a vehicle with the wrong octane gas, huh?

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