Saturday, April 5, 2008

I hate waffles

So last night, I thought I would be a good little wifey and make some waffles for the hubby. Got my batter, mixed it like the directions said, even bought some canned blueberries to add because everyone knows blueberry waffles are the So, anywhow, wound up with one freakin disaster... couldn't get the shit out of the waffle iron, no seriously, it took an act of god to get the mostly cooked waffle shit off the iron. I even tried burning it just short of lighting my house on fire and still wasn't budging. So of course I get pissed, hate the husband (because he's left on a 'goodwill' mission) and fucking hate the waffles, iron and everything involved with it. Throw the batter in the fridge because hubby says maybe he'll make them this morning instead. Yeah, they turned out a lot better than mine... asshole. natalie dee

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