Friday, April 4, 2008

Why hasn't this happened before?

Like every other curious female in the world, I watched Oprah yesterday. Yup, a dude's having a baby. Dude, not chick. But he was born a chick, a very attractive chick might I add. Decided he wanted to be a man, had his breasts removed, took testosterone and grew a penis and now he's a dude. Finds a woman, gets married and they decide they want a baby. She has problems and can't carry a child so since he hasn't actually had his female parts removed, he gets artificially inseminated and now he's knocked up. Wow, it's so shocking. I just don't understand why this hasn't happened before, it seems like this guy cannot be the first person who's undergone a sex change (partial I suppose) and then decided he wanted to carry a child. Yeah, it seems kinda weird, but is it really that odd in 2008? England is creating a Human/Cow embryo, and we're calling this guy a freak?

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