Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I am an american idol junkie! I was doing well at not getting completely over-obsessed with it this year, but now that my buddy Bill has been calling me almost daily with the Idol scoop, I'm getting back into it. Last night was Mariah Carey night, presumably because she's dropping a new album this week and some extra promo doesn't hurt. She looked incredible and really gave some good advice. So, here's my opinion of how they did.

Huggy-Bear - When you Believe - I just felt awkward seeing a 16 yr old boy in leather pants.

Syesha - Vanishing - wasn't feeling the love. Would have totally loved to hear some 'Emotions' or some 'Vision of Love' out of her.

Carly - Without You - she could have nailed it, but didn't.

Kristy the cow catcher - Forever - just cannot tolerate the weird hand thing she does.

Brooke - Hero - I was expecting her to sing that Jackson 5 song, in the same manner though. She seems bummed about missing her sisters wedding, she should just go home. She just kept going faster and faster, it was weird.

Rocker David - Always be my baby - just like everyone else watching, I was genuinely scared for him, but it turned out quite pleasant, I was really wondering what he was going to do on Mariah night. If he was to release full length versions of every song he's sang on Idol this season as an album, I would buy it. Tomorrow.

Dread-locked hottie - I don't wanna cry - wow, it was like a whole new song, I was so glad he stepped out and did something original, it was definitely his night.

Who should go home? Huggy Bear
Who will go home? probably Brooke

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