Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm an ebayer!

I've bought an awful lot of stuff from ebay in my life. I've probably sent someone's kid to college somewhere along the lines. Today though, I have started selling. John got a call this morning about a storage unit sale he might be interested in and so we're digging through the stuff that isn't useful to him and ebaying it. Funny, listing the stuff doesn't go nearly as quick as buying it does. Oh well, hopefully I'll get through my pile of stuff tonight!

Hope everyone has a great week!

2 equal yet different opinions:

lisagh said...

Good luck with eBaying! I've never bought or sold anything on the site, but it's always fun to look.

Knit Geek said...

You need to set up an etsy store. And the offer I made via text? Still open. (wink wink)