Sunday, November 23, 2008


Still not feeling 100%, but definately a lot better than yesterday! I thought since my craft room is nearly ready for me to move in, I would use the big empty space today to make some french memo boards. I kinda put a twist on them though because I want to use them for Christmas cards. Now, in all honesty, I read my cards over the trash can. I know it's not nice and I do save the ones with the pictures, but what am I going to save them for? I usually hang them around a doorway, but this would be way neater. Cute no? I like the way the snowman one turned out, I wasnt' sure where I was going with the ribbon pattern but thankfully it worked itself out. I'm also having to put a dab of hot glue on the ribbons to hold them together so the cards don't fall out. Thank goodness I tried it first! Hubby hooked me up with a new bff for making these too. An electric stapler. Those manual things are hard on the hand, I can whip through these things with the electric deal.

Oh, and we got another early Christmas gift this morning. Right under my desk. I'm so glad I looked first. Access to the cat door has now been limited. No Karen, I absolutely did NOT pluck it and eat it. I returned the little guy to nature.

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Average Girl In Average World said...

Those boards are cute!!!

Now about the dead bird? eeww.