Friday, November 21, 2008

All cracked out on pictures...

You've probably realized by now that I love posting pictures. I enjoy looking at posts though that have pictures. I don't read books with pictures though. Anywho, I have a lot of catching up to do so I'm going to mostly do it with pictures.

Here's the progress on the craft room. The paint swatch looked lovely on the paper, on the walls, not so much. The yellow is a little... blinding... So we're going to tone it down this weekend. Makes for a nice base coat though.

Almost threw the sewing machine out of the window last night. I could not wind a bobbin to save my life. The thread kept winding *under* the bobbin which made for a gigantic clusterfuck of thread. I left for a while, came back and damn if it didn't wind perfectly the first time. In the meantime I made this stocking with hot glue. Ghetto I know. Just wanted to give you an idea of what I was going for here.

Another styrofoam wreath project. I got this 7" wide red ribbon from DG and wrapped it around and secured it (hot glue of course). Oh, the wreath was a whole dollar, the ribbon was two.

Added corks and some berries and viola! I am actually really pleased with how this came out. It took a very few minutes and it's quite festive. I put $10 on it to sell just to see if I have any takers.

I had a doorway in my craft spot that I had to decorate so I wanted a Christmasy garland to go over top. I had seen these made with wooden spools so I thought I would try a country kind of rag garland. It was surprisingly quick to make. Once I cut the strips of fabric I could really go to town with it.

You can see here how I alternated with some Christmas ribbon and beads. Again, I was pretty pleased with this.

This is probably the first thing I made that is really *me* I can totally see this on my front door. Very simple. Just took the cheapy wreath and sprayed it with some spray snow and put different silver balls around it. Top it off with a silver ribbon and bow.

Button Icecicles. The hardest part about these was digging through the buttons to find the right sizes. I think they're terribly cute though.

Do you have any ideas as to where I can find cheaper tassles for these? I think the're adorable and I would make more of them, but the tassles were like 2 for 1.50 and that makes these cost more to make than they really should.

I believe I showed this before but I still thought it needed something. I think the solid red ribbon to hang it does it for me. If I did anything else to this it would be to put a couple buttons on the ribbon, but really I'm quite happy with it as it is.

Last and least... This little button tree. I just don't have big love for him. I kept trying to make him better but it just wasn't working. I must've replaced the top 5 times. Oh well... I guess I can't be in love with everything I make.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

2 equal yet different opinions:

Average Girl In Average World said...

You know, we are not far from each other and if you are interested in partnering up one weekend to help each other with our Christmas crafts, please let me know. I would be delighted!!!

The silver wreath is nice! Also working with the corks is unusual, but very creative.

Average Girl

elliotts said...

I really like the yellow! Makes the room look nice!