Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend update with Norm MacDonald

God how I miss the good old days of SNL when the people were funny... oh well... here goes:

Got a funny late night call tonight. One I didn't mind receiving. John had done some electrical work for his uncle a couple weeks ago and refused to be paid (bastard!). Well, tonight his uncle called, he'd been crabbing and wanted to know if we wanted to reap some of the catch. Um, hello! Free Crabs??? Being the true eastern shore girl that I am, I couldn't turn that one down! Already steamed too, aren't they fatties? It was just enough for the 2 of us... good thing since it was pretty late.

I got my first snowman wreath done tonight. I believe I showed you a picutre a while back of my inspiration for this. I'm awfully impressed with how it turned out. I'd love to be able to sell a couple of these since I still have some supplies. I'm going to get to work tonight on painting some more snowman faces so I can put another one together if need be. I'm not as crazy over the red bows as I'd like to be, but once I had all my supplies I was pretty anxious to get one made.
In progress
Whole wreath

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Average Girl In Average World said...

The wreath os cute!

The crabs...look even better right about now. I'm jealous.......