Sunday, November 16, 2008

So... I did make more stuff today...

Did I say earlier that I was done making stuff? If so I lied... I really am slightly nervous about this whole craft space idea. Mostly because I'm scared I don't have enough stuff to fill up any amount of space and she's giving me a lot. So I've been trying to take stuff I already have and make stuff out of it. Because I'm broke and I guess when you're in a pinch, that's when you're the most creative, right?

So I bought this styrofoam wreath at the Dollar Tree last week. I knew I could find a use for it. I also have a massive bin of buttons that I bought off ebay cheap. So, I thought it would be supercute to glue red green and white buttons to this styrofoam wreath for kind of a kitschy crafty project. Well, my bin apparently has a shortage of red buttons, I did come up with a few though. Well, I glued them on first and I decided it was too cute with the red 'polka dots' to add the green in, so I just did red and white. Here's a couple pics. I'm torn now as to how to hang it of course. I'm thinking hanging it from red ric-rack would be adorable, of course I have none here though.

I've been kicking around with this project for a while. I work on it when I'm watching tv (which isn't much!). Today I finally just sat down and finished it! Obviously it's garland, but can you tell what it's made of?

How about now?

Wine corks! I may do another one with green and red beads, or maybe just red, I thought the browns accented the different cork colors for this one though. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I wasn't sure how to finish it with the loops, but I knotted the fishing line, slid a bead over the knot and then glued the hell out of it. It's holding very well!

I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier! I asked hubby to pick me up glue sticks the last time he went to Lowes. Too funny right? Feel free to be as graphic as you want with your comments.

2 equal yet different opinions:

lisagh said...

Love the button wreath! It's so festive.

Now about the size of that glue stick ... umm ... nope. Can't say it.

Average Girl In Average World said...

The wreath is cute! White and red can be stunning together.

And your stick is quite, have to have the biggest.