Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another too short weekend!

Well, yesterday I watched Beth's kids. I have a surprise planned for Beth and her husband Brian that I tried hard to pull together yesterday. Since I know she doesn't read my blog, I can share it with you. I had a friend who is a budding photographer come over and do some shots of the girls. I was so scared it was going to be pouring! I had a backup plan that involved galoshes, rain coats and mud puddles, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go there if I didn't have to. Luckilly, it cleared off to be a gorgeous day, aside from the tornado force winds. Peggy got over 200 shots of the girls and has sent me a couple previews, I'm so excited! I know I can't wait til Christmas to give them this gift because I would like for her to be able to use a picture for her Christmas cards. I'll share my favs this week, I promise!

So, I've got this back room on my house that's never really had a *purpose*. It kind of catches junk and the dog food is out there, and it's where hubby built my pantry earlier this year. We used it as a 'dog room' for both of our dogs while we were house breaking them but that's not necessary anymore. So hubby decided that since I've been working on crafts and stuff so much he wanted me to have a craft room (I really think he wants the dining room table back). So yesterday while I was out, he started working on it for me, got some paint and when I got home we got a coat of primer on the walls. I should've taken a before picture, duh, but that never quite works out. The walls previously were very dark paneling. We realized after the primer started turning brown that the paneling must've originally been light and it was stained dark. Either way, it did not make for the bright, sunny room I want. So here we are after one coat of primer. John and I decided at about 1am that the current color should be called 'stale piss brown'. Hopefully my 'peach tickle' (your eyes aren't fooling you, it's not peach at all) will make the color a little prettier.
I've been kind of thinking in the back of my mind how I'm going to hang my newest snowman wreath that I made. It's going to be the first addition to the shop I'm renting space in so I want to try hard. I don't want to use the white ribbon like I did on the first one, the fabric scarves on these snowmen make it a little too country for organza ribbon. I had some more of the fabric so I cut a length for the hook and then I woke up this morning with an idea for a bow for the top of the loop. I need to figure out how to stiffen it, I thought I had some spray starch but that's not the case. I think I'll be making a walmart run tonight or tomorrow so I guess I'll have to wait til then to find out if it works like my plan.

I basically cut a bunch of 4" strips of the same fabric and put them on a needle as I went, when I was happy with the amount of strips, I pulled the needle through and stitched the hell out of the center to hold it in place. It almost kind of looks like a snowflake doesn't it? I wonder if I used white fabric and stiffened it and tossed some glitter.... hmmm...

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