Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sick Day

I was supposed to do some Christmas shopping today, but I woke up sick as can be! Yuck! I finally rolled out of bed at like 1 because I just couldn't sleep anymore. Watched Bad Santa (funny as shit if you haven't seen it) and worked on some stuff. So here's the progress for the day:

I made one of these before with construction adhesive and I wasn't thrilled because the adhesive dries white and at least the hot glue is somewhat clear. I really like the red ribbon in this. It's a candle ring, I'm not sure if it needs something else or what. Some red berries would be awfully cute on it.

Lots o' stockings! I stuffed some tissue paper in these to make them look fuller, I'm pretty pleased with them though. I finally got my bobbin to load so I could sew these up and the embelishments I just hot glued on.

Are these too precious? I could make these little things all day I swear. Little button tree ornaments. Can you tell I have a little button obsession? I am just eat right up with these little guys. I finally had to tell myself to: step away from the buttons. I kept coming up with cutsie color combinations I wanted to try and I just needed to leave it alone. There's a pink and green one in here that I'm totally in love with though!

Oh, and a funny little story. Thursday when I got home, I found some feathers next to my desk. I asked the kitties and nobody had much to say about it. I had a bird experience a few years ago with a still living bird in the house that someone had brought in. Anywho, I thought maybe someone just brought in feathers to show me since I couldn't find any other evidence of a bird. Well, the dogs have been very interested in the door that leads from our kitchen to my new craft room. this door always stays pushed open and earlier John checked out what was behind the door, yup, an early Christmas gift for us. I guess Molly heard that birds nests in your tree were good luck so she thought a real bird would be even better... thanks.

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