Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I learned from watching the American Idol finale.

- The Davids should never sing together again, ever!
- Donna Summers is living proof that 'black don't crack'
- Bryan Adams should ask Donna about botox
- For a music show, AI's sound guy sucks hard
- Paula kept all her prom dresses from the 80's
- Graham Nash knows a thing or two about botox, he looks almost lifelike
- OneRepublic are white dudes!
- Jordin Sparks needs a new stylist
- If the Jonas Brothers are looking for a new member, I hear David Archuleta is looking for a job
- George Michael gets gayer by the day, but he had some super cool songs
- There's *something* about Seal
- Carrie Underwood should try eating more
- Movie promotions make the world go 'round
- Nobody will ever see ZZ Tops face
- Sometimes America does get it right

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Knitty Geek said...


(that would be me screaming, yet again)

I agree about George Michael, and about Seal. In our house, someone said "Seal is married to that model Heidi Klum." I said, "Lucky her," and I'm not real sure where that came from!