Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So darn gullible.

So yesterday I was checking out Craigslist, because Craig and I have a love affair. Well, as usual, I found the perfect thing on there. An underwater digital camera! I've been searching for one for ages but they're super expensive. I thought this would be great for vacation if we're snorkeling or even out on the boat because then we wouldn't care if it got wet.

So, I call up the girl who has it and she's in Berlin. Perfect, I'm going to Ocean City for the weekend, maybe we can meet up. Well, she's moving to Australia... tomorrow. But if I want, I can paypal her the money and she'll ship it right out to me within an hour. She'll have her bf scan the tracking since she'll be out of the country and then I'll be able to track it. Wonderful (I know what you're thinking, and you weren't on the phone with this sweet girl). I shoot her the money through paypal ($125) which is a freakin deal because on Amazon this camera is almost $300. So while I'm waiting for John to get home last night, I'm thinking... Because the girl was so sweet and honest on the phone... I hadn't gotten the email with the tracking number. So now I'm like, I'm totally not telling John about this because he's going to tell me how trusting I am and how nice it was of me to help fund this chick's move to Australia. Besides, why would you move to Australia (she's a surfer by the way) and not take your waterproof camera? dumb dumb dumb...

Well, I get home from cutting grass today, and there it is! All brandy new in the package. Included was a sweet little note from Kate telling me she included her camera case and a 1GB card for me. uh-huh.... not so dumb after all... The world can be trusted!

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FarFromFrostburg said...

One of my friends had just bought an underwater case for his camera when we went to Thailand last year, and I've been wanting one ever since. There are cheap ones out there, but they're usually casings that look like bags rather than the hard case. Not that I'd use it that often, but being able to take photos during those random opportunities like snorkeling in Thailand would be awesome. Congrats. :)