Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baba Wawa was makin it with a black dude in the 70's!!!

What would your grandmother say??? What would mine say? I really don't know that mine would care a whole lot, my family always had a lot of tolerance for people who aren't 'exactly' like us. I don't think that 'tolerance' is a good word, because I don't feel like I just 'tolerate' people, I accept them, they're just like me, why wouldn't I accept them?

Anywho, I'm thinking there are some blue haired ladies sitting in the nursing homes that are just completely going apeshit with this revalation. Even though I wasn't quite around when this was going on, I know that a prominate well educated white woman did not make relations with a black man, regardless of his 'status'. While I can see many people's points that maybe Baba should've taken it to the grave, she obviously has something to prove by bringing her affair out, she's a very smart woman. I don't know her political affiliation (but I can guess!) and I have to wonder if it doesn't have something to do with that. She's also a lady in the sunset of her life and perhaps she wants to prove that she's not 'washed up' and there's plenty of spunk left in her. Either way, I'm still a fan, I think it's great that she came out and said that she had this affair. I would love to think that it would change the way people view inter-racial relationships. Right now there's definately a 'white trash' or 'wigger' stigma that goes along with it, but we both know that Barbara would certainly not be viewed as either of these.

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