Sunday, May 11, 2008

How will I tell people where I live???

It's the end of an era here on my street. They have taken the water tower completely down now. It's really tragic, it's been there for like 100 years. I got home Wednesday and the 'lid' was gone. Then Thursday morning they were cutting the main tank with torches, Thursday night the legs were left and now there's just a nub that I can't see from my house.
Oh, the memories of the water tower, where do I start??? The night the drunks climbed up during the holidays and tried to steal the star. They actually got the star unattached, but the police were waiting for them as they scurried down. Making music with the water tower as we hit it with water balloons. I'm really going to miss the Christmas Lights most of all. Some inventive guy with the town would change the pattern of the lights each year: horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, candy cane stripes. It was super cool. So here's to you water tower, you will be missed by all!

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