Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm not going to starve through the economic crisis!

Thanks Karen! For scaring the living shit out of me! I guess next I'm going to go buy a cow since hamburger will be $10 a pound by the end of the year.

So I've been hanging out with one of my bff's Karen the last couple days, and lemme tell you, the girls' a genius. Really, she's the smartest woman I know and I know some very smart women. She's a news junkie like me and she's very in tune with politics and the way different things can affect our every day lives. So, we've decided through our last couple conversations that there's no way the US can pull out of the oil crisis as quickly as everyone thinks and there's going to be some pretty major implications we will need to deal with in the meantime. We are a fuel driven country. Everything we touch, eat, need has to have fuel to exist. Everything that fuel touches, is going to increase dramatically the way we've seen fuel increase. I know that other country's have been paying more than we have for years (England and all those places to the right) and many places still pay way less (Iraq and that Chavez country) but the country's paying more, did not see this doubling of fuel within less than a year. Once this trickles down, it's going to have a major impact on things, I'm not going to get into my political stance on it (gas vaca won't work, stop filling the 'strategic' reserves, tell the elk to get over it for a few years...).

I know that I personally need to take steps to prepare myself and my household. So, I have my little tomato plant growing on my windowsill and last night I purchased (drumroll): a bread maker! Yup, thanks to the Bridgeville Goodwill for hookin a sister up with a brandy new bread machine for $20. And thanks for the yeast Karen! Here's my first loaf!

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Knitty Geek said...

Sistah, sistah, sistah, you made some bread! YAY for you!

Seriously - I am planting my tomatoes today. And Eddie's going to borrow a roto-tiller so I can get corn, squash, and beans in the ground. And I'm breaking out my pressure cooker so I can do some canning. If I dodn't lose it when we moved....