Saturday, May 3, 2008

Karma Police.....

I try to throw some random acts of kindness in my life when I can, and many times, I don't think about what I'm doing and that someone actually notices because I don't think most people are like me.

So... I've been cutting my neighbors grass for about a month now, because, he's hardly ever there to do it himself, he doesn't have a mower and he's the nicest person ever (I say he's so nice because he always adressess me by name, doesn't that seem to make people nicer?). I'm sure he knows it's me doing it, duh, our grass is suddenly short at the same time and our yards are attached. Since both of our yards are the size of a postage stamp it takes me on my super-duper hydrostatic lawn mower about 2 minutes and 100 turns to cut his grass.

So I get home this afternoon and the dude's scrubbing my house. Not the inside, he's scrubbing my siding! I'm all: Mike, whatcha doin? He's like: I just finished scrubbing my house this morning and I thought I'd do yours too.... uh.... I'm just not feeling like 4 or 5 grass cuttings = a scrubbed house. I can't cook so I guess I'll cut his grass tomorrow. Now when should I tell him we're about to replace the siding?

2 equal yet different opinions:

Knitty Geek said...

I can bake something that you can regift to him. Let me know what you'd like (cake? bread? pie?). Because I don't know him but I totally like him too.

Laura and John Wooters said...

Yeah, I was totally thinking I was going to bake him something. I want something that your dog will bite me to keep me away from Karen!