Thursday, December 11, 2008

Couple gifts...

My candle colors still haven't come in! I was really hoping to get some more made tonight but unfortunately it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I sent my supplier a not-so-nice email already. So, I finished up Karen's Christmas gift. I can't show you pictures obviously because I want it to be a surprise. I took plenty though because I'm quite proud of it and because I've been working on it for 3 nights now.

I wanted to make a couple memo boards as gifts so since John cut out the boards for me a couple weeks ago, I figured I would go ahead and knock those out. Have I mentioned that an electric stapler is an arthritic girl's best friend? I've heard you can make these using just hot glue, but I get a 3rd degree burn just thinking about it. Sorry to all you single gal's out there, I'm so glad I have a husband who shares his nifty tools! These things go pretty quick with the staple gun in my hand, what usually takes me the longest is laying out how I want the ribbon.

So here's the one I made for my girl Sam. She's a redneck girl at heart, she's starting to get more of a girly girl side to her though. I thought this butterfly camo just screamed her name! Isn't it precious??? The browns would go with my office, I'm thinking I might make one for me too (provided I'm still working there in a month, more on that later).

Ironed, starched and ready to be cut:

All ribboned and hung:

I found this fabric at JoAnn's last week on clearance (!!) and it just screamed my Mother in law's name. Boy does she like cocks (okay, that was just rude). This is going to go perfect in her dining room though. She is doing a red wall and she has the gold in her attached living room so I really hope it pulls it together. If she loves it as much as I do, I might make her a couple plain boards with the fabric on them to hang in lieu of pictures (she has issues with decorations, you've got to know her).

Ironed and starched:

Ribboned and ready:

I didn't intend with the pattern to make it look like the cocks were caged (okay, that's the last one) but doesn't it kind of look like chicken wire? Too cute right? Did I mention that this was a remnant and it was like $2!! Totally keeping my eye on their remnant rack. I got another one too, I'll be sharing it soon, promise! On both of them I put a dab of glue periodically under the ribbon so it will hold cards and pictures properly. Not bad for a couple hours work.

Since your night isn't complete without a dog belly. The lighting was bad, that's why her color is so sickly. I was sneaking up while she was asleep. Hilarious with her head on the pillow though! Life must not be so bad for that old stray doggie!

Happy Friday!

3 equal yet different opinions:

elliotts said...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a black toile memo board....

just saying... ; )

Lori said...

How did you know that I can't end my night without a little dog belly? Now I can sleep peacefully. Thanks!

Average Girl In Average World said...

I LOVE the rooster pattern. My house is in roosters....

the dog pic is priceless. they have it so made it isn't even funny.