Sunday, December 7, 2008

candle making again

I'm so excited, my votives popped right out of their molds after 5 minutes in the freezer. I was afraid that it would be more than a notion but that was not the case! So tonight Sam and I made some more votives. I tried to make brown colorant because the colorants I ordered haven't come in yet. Yeah, Brown and orange make a funky green, not brown. Oh well, Cinnamon can be green this time of year! Oh, and in my box o' scents that I've gotten randomly from people, I found the (wait for it) WORST.CANDLESCENT.EVER. Any guesses as to what that may be? BACON! What frightens me is you can use it for soap too, in case you've ever wanted to marinate in a tub full of bacon.

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Knit Geek said...

As much as I love the crispy meat o' the pig, BACON? What?