Sunday, December 14, 2008

another sunday

Didn't do a whole lot today, just laundry and such. I have been catching up from yesterday. I worked for John yesterday all day and man did he wear me out!!! We were supposed to hook up a guy's computer first thing, then deliver and install a tv. Well, after we got those done and got back, we had a call for someone else who wanted a tv hooked up. Got out there and she decided she wanted another one done! So I didn't get home til like 8:30. That's okay though, work is work!
Hubby gave me an early christmas gift this morning. We aren't even really exchanging since we usually get what we want all year anyway. But this was on my morning paper this morning when I got up. It's a fancy cutter. He thought it would be good for leather or carpeting if I decided to get into upholstering.

This afternoon John decided he wanted to *build* something. He hadn't been doing much woodworking with the siding project and he had the itch! Here's what he came up with.Pictures can't quite show how beatuful this bench is. The frame is oak and the seat itself is black walnut, so it's quite a contrast. I am totally in love with this!!! I don't know if he's going to build a matching table next or a couple more chairs.

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