Saturday, December 20, 2008

another wreath gift

So I finally finished this fishing lure wreath I'd been working on for a month. Sam and I made the 'lures' out of salt dough ages ago and painted them and yesterday I embelished them and sprayed them with clear poly and today they became a wreath. This is a gift for my cousin who loves to fish, and she loves Christmas decorations. I don't think I could make one of these to sell, it was way too involved, too many steps. For the right price maybe. I'm not in love with it though. John gave it a solid *cute*. I trust him to tell me when he doesn't like something, so that means it's probably ok.

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Average Girl In Average World said...

That is wonderful, and if you made the ornaments - BONUS!!! Yu are awesome at this. Now you just need your own Etsy shop and you will be set.