Wednesday, July 23, 2008

stupid stupid girls...

So, hubby is gone for the rest of the week... Do I need to mention how exciting this is??? That means I will be:
-cooking a big fancy dinner just for me
-watching oprah and what not to wear til the wee hours
-cuddling with as many critters as I can squeeze on the bed
-sleeping in the middle of the bed
-cleaning without having someone mess up behind me
-NOT building chairs
ahhh.... how sweet it all is.... there is a problem though, my hubby's employee, his wife does not see all these wonderful things. Nope, she wants him home with her. Just what the hell is wrong with my species??? It's times like this that I'm downright embarassed to be female... so darn needy. Not only that, but he could be leaving you with 2 kids while he goes to Iraq for a year. Go stay with BFF for a while and find out how fun that is. It's all just very frusterating.

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