Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bistro set project part 1

So since hubby has been doing such a fab job on the adirondack chairs, I decided to give him a challenge. I want a tall bistro set for my future patio. Obviously if it goes well, we will try to sell them like we've been doing with the chairs. I took a couple chairs with me yesterday to a big yard sale and the response was unbelievable. I knew my husband was talented, but I was impressed that so many other people thought so as well. I didn't bring the chairs home ;o) So, for the bistro set, I printed out some pictures with ideas for what I wanted, but John decided to go with his own design. We finished the table last night and he's working on a chair today. I'm not sure what the going price would be for something like this. We're making these out of pressure treated lumber, most sets like this that you would see would be made from teak or cedar or oak. I'd like to make them affordable and the higher priced wood would jump the price up significantly.

So here's the table (with a little shameless self promotion in the background):
The detail of the top of the table (again with the self promotion):

is good, no?

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lisagh said...

Insanely beautiful!