Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is $383?

It could be:
-a moderately expensive car payment (for me)
-first oil fill of the year
-really big wal mart shopping trip
-plane ticket to somewhere fun
-one night in a fancy hotel
-new cookware
-new dining room set (an inexpensive one)
It's not any of these things, do you give up? Okay, the real answer is, this is that fun thing I get in the mail every month called: MY ELECTRIC BILL!!! The truth is, it's actually less than last month. We've known there's some sort of problem so we've taken small steps, and now we're taking big ones. We turned off the hot tub about a month ago to see if that makes a difference, obviously that isn't the kicker so we can go back on that. I haven't used my drier since the new electric cycle started, but I only do like 1 maybe 2 loads of clothes a week. I've been using drying racks. I've been cutting back the air when we aren't home. Keeping the shades pulled. All the lights are turned off. I just don't get it. It's not like my house is a mansion! It's tiny! I'm thinking I may get hubby to install a new cut off switch for the furnace so it's not heating up water when we aren't home. Any ideas?

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Average Girl In Average World said...

How old is your electric meter? Most electric companies replace them after 20 years, and yes that can make a drastic difference in your bills.

I am a stalker btw. Iread and comment sometimes, maybe