Sunday, July 13, 2008

I ain't no dummeh!

Can you find the dog in this picture?

It's Daisy, you can kinda see the gold between the branches. I didn't want to disturb her because if I walked outside, she would feel she needed to get up to greet me and I wanted her in her natural habitat. So while John has been installing windows the last 2 days, this has been Daisy's home. I realized yesterday that she has dug about a 12" hole under this bush where she can see the street and the front door and she's just been hanging out there. It's nice and cool I'm sure and she can see everything that's going on. Unlike her silly bird dog sister who I have to keep putting in the house for fear of her getting heat exhaustion.

2 equal yet different opinions:

Knitty Geek said...

The magical hiding dog! It's like a where's Waldo.

Laura and John said...

Where's Waldo was like my favorite thing ever. Wii should make a Where's Waldo since kids now are too lazy to open a book.