Sunday, July 13, 2008

Place your order now

So John's been working on putting in our new windows for the last few weekends. He has 12 down and 8 to go. He finished up the 3 he installed yesterday this morning, but for this afternoon, he decided we should do something *fun* together. So here you have it. Place your orders now for the Wooters original adirondiac chair! He said next is a loveseat. It's amazing what a new band saw will make a man do.
Admiring his work:

I think the apron is a nice touch, don't you?

2 equal yet different opinions:

Knitty Geek said...

I married a carpenter and have no chairs. Why is life so unfair?

(Hi John! Awesome chair!)

ms. mindless said...

um, i need a husband who can make a chair. is yours for hire?