Sunday, October 19, 2008

purrsonal assistant

Little Molly is just obsessed with this printer. If she hears me printing something, she comes running. There's a blue light inside on the ink cartridge that she loves watching go back and forth. Here she is waiting for my next print-a-thon.Sometimes though, she gets distracted by the fish tank in my office. She loves to stand on top and watch the fishies swim back and forth under her. Sometimes she tries to grab them. Good luck with that one sister!

In other news, I've been working diligently on getting Christmas gifts together. It's never too early! This year, I'm ridiculously broke. Hubby, like many other Americans, isn't working right now so I've decided to sieze the moment and I am *making* most of my gifts. Hence the extra time needed. I'm so excited about this. I hope it becomes something I can continue to do in the future. Some of the gifts obviously I will be giving to my friends who read my blog, so I will be keeping those to myself until after Christmas. I did want to share this wreath I saw yesterday when browsing Christmas open houses with Karen. I took it with my phone so the picture is a little crappy, but you can see the little snowman faces on a regular cheapy wreath. Yeah, so I'm totally thinking those are white styrofoam balls with eyes and mouths drawn on them (sharpie?) and then rolled in clear glitter. I'm not sure about the noses but I'm thinking I can come up with something and obviously the little bows. I may get some cheap fabric and rip it to give it kind of a worn look for the bows. I'm torn though about if I want to use hot glue. I really don't have good luck with it and it doesn't stand up to the weather very well, temperature changes usually cause it to release. I want my recipeients to be able to hang this on a front door or even outside. Maybe gorilla glue? Or contact cement? You like?

2 equal yet different opinions:

Ashley said...

she is toooooo cute!

Average Girl In Average World said...

I will be making gifts also this year, including but not limited to, pocketbooks w/ matching wallet sets (think vera bradley style), quilts, kitchen sets, and finally curtains for a friend despreately in need of them.

The snowman wreath is cute, and if you are crafty, why not? Good luck!