Friday, October 10, 2008

finally friday!

what a week... I obviously haven't had much to talk about this week, hence the pictures.

hubby's still working on my siding, I'll try to post some pictures this weekend because it is looking loverly!

I did want to share something that happened to him the other day. He goes to this same gas station every morning to get his coffee. The other day, the guy in front of him who he didn't know bought his coffee. He said he always buys the coffee of the person behind him but only if he doesn't know them. John was all like: isn't that weird??? I was like, I think it's great!!! I'm all about the random acts of kindness, and who would've thought, right in our crummy little town.

Last night there was a kid down the street playing the guitar. It was nice out and we had our windows open so I could hear him jamming. It was great! I felt like I was living in a more progressive place where people meet up on sidewalks to share tunes. Later, the boys friends came over, the guitar was put away and the car stereo was cranked... the 2 hour version of cha-cha slide was then played... twice.

That's all I got, Happy Friday!

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Knitty Geek said...

Two hours of cha cha slide? I would poke my eardrums with my knitting needles!