Friday, October 3, 2008

For $400 Alex, things you find next to a bus station

That Laura didn't know about. Karen clued me in last night that you used to be able to sell plasma next to bus stations. I suppose to fund your bus ticket. Not plasma tv's either, your blood. You sell your blood to buy your ticket out of dodge. We were talking about different things we could do to make money, I said they should have places to sell your plasma next to gas stations now. I don't want to be judgemental, but I'm thinking a lot of the plasma they'd be buying by a bus station in 2008 would be all hiv'ed up or have some crack flowing through it.

So Karen and I were discussing what we could do to come up with money quick. Prostitution seems an obvious answer... I just wish it wasn't so.... prostitution'ey. We thought we could each get rid of one kidney and one lung. Maybe someone would want a spleen? or a gall bladder? perhaps an appendex. She even suggested that she was willing to lose a cornea... then she could wear a patch, arrrrr!

So there was this college student (22) on Oprah last week who auctioned off her virginity to pay for grad school. All these women were so upset, women's lib, it's 2008 blah blah blah... I was upset because I didn't think of it while I still had it to sell! $1.1 million is what the bidding was up to, lucky bitch.

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