Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I started shopping out supplies for my snowman wreaths. I'm thinking I wanted to spend less than $10 per wreath. I want to give them to people who I usually spend around $20-$25 on so this will still make for quite a savings. Well, those stupid styrofoam balls are pretty darn expensive. Most places they are almost $1 a piece. Count the balls on the wreath and you'll see that it takes 18 of them. Out of budget, game over. So I started shopping at my favorite store, ebay, and found a lot of 150 of them for $14 including shipping. Yeah, that makes for less than 9 cents a ball. Now we're talking! Now we're down even around the $5 mark for the wreaths. I bought the balls yesterday and told Karen we would have to wait til next weekend because I wasn't expecting to see them until the middle of next week. But look what arrived in todays mail!

So we're on Karen, if you have any time this weekend! I went to the dollar store down the street and they have predecorated wreathes for $3. But I would have to ditch what's already on them and I hate to be wasteful. I'm thinking tomorrow (while I'm off!!!) I'll shop around some more and see if I can find some plain wreaths to decorate. I'm planning Friday to get some of the gifts that I can't talk about on here out of the way. I've gathered all my materials and the prep work is done. It's gonna look like Christmas here soon!!!
As a sidenote: the woman who sold me the balls has the same handwriting as my mom (who's deceased for those who don't know). Little creepy getting a box with my mom's handwriting on it. Until I saw the return address was New Jersey... well... you know......

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nice balls!!!