Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend and easy halloween wreath

Had a fairly busy weekend. We did a craft show at Pickering Creek on Sunday so we were putting tables together all day Saturday to get ready for the show. Turns out, we didn't need to rush, because we didn't sell any! It actually didn't look like anyone was buying anything! So we weren't the only vendors feeling slighted. It was a free show so we weren't out anything except our time. I did get to see this beautiful Great Horned Owl there. I do love an Owl!

I took this picture of my little old lady Gypsy in the rocking chair. She doesn't get a whole lot of face time on here. Looking pretty isn't she?

I picked up some supplies over the weekend because I wanted to make a quick black feather wreath like they've been selling at Pier 1. Didn't exactly want to spend $35 on the wreath though, ya know? Went to my local dollar tree and got 2 boas, a black and a red and I also got some more skeleton garland to cut apart. JoAnn's had the styrofoam wreath which I had to pay $4 for, that was unfortunate. I guess that's what happens when you're in a hurry. I also picked up a great black spider though, I didn't mind paying $4 for him. :o) Here's the outcome.

Very easy. Just fastened one end of each of the boas to the styrofoam wreath and wrapped them both around. My black boa was thicker, which is great, I just wanted the red more or less as an accent. It worked out almost perfectly, just had to move the boas around in a few places to get them spread. I didn't even have to paint the wreath underneath, the boas covered great. Took and cut apart my garland and fastened it with wires and the same with the spider. I'm quite happy with the spooky effect it gives my front door.

Of course I had to show off my white pumpkin in my entryway. I do love a white pumpkin. This guy will be coming apart at the end of the season to share some seeds with me so I can grow my own (and not overpay!) next year.

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